A white christmas

oh my goodness!!!
it is snowing here in El Paso and i love love love it!!
it hadn't snowed in about 3 years
and it has certanly never snowed this much!!
i am like sooo excited!!
it has snowed like 3 days in a row
and it is the best thing ever!
in ither news school is almost over (YAYY!!) and finals are next week
and i am so super nervous because well
i have to do my best on them and i have to get a high B at least.
which i think it's gonna be pretty hard but i think i can do it ;)
well i'll be off and i'll try to post snow pics later when i figure out how to upload pictures here
or how to put them on my posts i dont know ha
any tips or tricks??

XOXO Jessie

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