I want lights!!

I've started to notice that everyone around my neighborhood and my grandpa's neighborhood and my uncle's and literally everywhere, everyone has lights like on their house. and i love how houses look with lights. everything just looks a little happier and christmasy and i just love it! and i have been telling my dad to put the lights up for about 3 weeks and guess what he hasn't!! and i am not even going to try and go up in the ceiling and do it myself haha
so i guess no lights for us :( and no tree either!! can you believe that? i don't know what has gotten into my parents lately but oh well. i guess i should've saved up since like summer and bought myself a tree :) haha

oh and yesterday i made this really cute poster to send to my friend cause i miss her oh so much
and it came out really cute but i forgot to take a picture of it and i already sealed the envelope and all :/

but here are some outfit pics and other pics that i've been meaning to post hehe
also i do my best to take a full length pic but mi mirror is kind of short and i cant be going in my mom's room all the time to take pictures there cause i dont like taking pictures in front of people. unless i look super cute :P
is that only me or dos it happen to everyone? haha

i got the shirt at a thrift store, skirt at Torrid, boots from a really cool store downtown(yes they are purple :]), and i am wearing some peace sign earrings from Claire's i dont know if you can see them.

this was my new moon outfit :D haha shirt from hot topic, skinny jeans from hot topic, and i was wearing my purple boots.

shirt from a friend :), cardigan from Old Navy, skirt Torrid, leggings Target, i was wearing black classic converse. oh and beanie from Charlotte Russ.

this right here is one of my favorute outfits to wear!
shirt from Old Navy, skirt form Old Navy, and yes fake uggs haha :)

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