My name is:

SO i think i should introduce myself, even though i doubt anyone reads this.but i really really hope someone does :)My name is Jessica but i like to be called Jessie, i go to university and i am studying Speech Language Pathology. It is an AMAZING field.I love it oh so much and i can’t wait to be a therapist and start helping little kids talk and all that awesome stuff i am hopefully going to get to do in a couple of years.I have a chihuahua named Barbie and i have never known of any other dog that is as spoiled as she is. haha she is my little baby.Yo hablo espanol :DI think i might post fashion stuff and outfit pics even though i am not that much of a fashionista though. i would like to dress like all those awesome girls on fashion blogs. gahh they dress so cool, and always know what is in style.but i do not think i would ever be able to dress like that because their clothes are too expensive. HA!Also, i think i might most pics of crafty things i do. i think i’m pretty good at making stuff and drawing. i am also kind of good well very good haha at baking cupcakes and cakes.YUM!I will also post things that i just think about through out my day and such.I finally made a blog, now i have to keep up with it and post about 3 times a week.maybe?
in the hopes that someone would stumble upon my blog and follow me or feel inspired or whatever :)

Here are some pitures to feel inspired :)

oh and it's my birthday today.



  1. Oh it's your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I know what you mean about the fashion blogs.. I wish I could dress like that but it really is difficult. haha. I try though. :)

  2. haha yep!
    i try too.
    but ehh it's kinda hard with
    this economy we are living in :P
    and thank you very much :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!... Love that you craft, draw, and bake.. a few things that I love to do as well.. Hope to see some of you fashion posts in the future. :0)

    Take care, love & Aloha!